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Camping in Loire-Atlantique

Pornic, Nantes, Saint-Nazaire and La Baule - these are just a few of the many stunning attractions of Loire-Atlantique. This beautiful region is rich in golden beaches, interesting towns and cities, gorgeous countryside and brilliant activities. Sounds good? There are two great Siblu holiday parks for you to choose from, both boasting lifeguarded pools, free kids clubs, entertainment and activities, and top-of-the-range mobile homes for a fun-packed self catering holiday. 

  • Famille à la plage
    7.8/10 - 484 reviews

    Les Pierres Couchées

    Loire Atlantique



    • 300 meters to the ocean
    • Green setting
    • Superb aquatic area
    • Lively and festive
  • Bois de Bayadène

    Loire Atlantique


    Priac sur Mer

    • Natural environment
    • Seaside
    • Ultra-comfortable mobile homes
    • Superb aquatic area

Things to do in Loire-Atlantique

  • Visiter Nantes

    Visit Nantes

    The capital of Loire-Atlantique has a lot of charm. Among the must-see monuments are  the Château des Ducs de Bretagne and the Passage Pommeraye. Enjoy a tranquil stroll along the banks of the Loire River, take in the incredible sights of street art and discover the magnificent  Machines de l'île, where a giant elephant, a captivating carousel and a gallery of machine animals come together in a space that can only be described as a combination of the imaginative worlds of Jules Verne and the mechanical universe of Leonardo da Vinci - it has to be see to be believed! For an extra dose of adventure, try out one of the famous Green Routes — bike trails that feature sculptures, playgrounds and other attractions.

  • Profiter de Saint-Brevin-les-Pins

    Enjoy Saint-Brevin-les-Pins

    This small, charming town packs a lot in! St Bevin le Pins attractions include La Grande Plage, where you can soak up the sun on golden sands and take a dip in the crystal clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The beach is also home to plenty of activities including sand yachting and kayaking. Favourite sites include the stunning clifftop Church of St Eloi de la Plage, and impressive castles in the area include  Château de Montaigu and Château de Sainte-Anne. For something a little more relaxed visit the nearby Les Jardins de St Bevin le Pins, a tranquil oasis of beautiful gardens and walks to explore. Choose nearbyThere are numerous beaches to enjoy along this stretch of coast. One of the most famous is La Baule, where there's also a charming seaside village. Other favourites include Saint-Nazaire, Pornic and Saint-Michel-Chef-Chef. Les Pierres Couchees as a great base for visiting the area. 

  • Explorer la côte

    Explore the coast

    There are numerous beaches to enjoy along this stretch of coast. One of the most famous is La Baule, where there's also a charming seaside village. Other favourites include Saint-Nazaire, Pornic and Saint-Michel-Chef-Chef.

Culture and activities in the region

Déguster une pâtisserie locale

The food

The gastronomy of Loire Atlantique is truly something to enjoy! Fusing traditional French cuisine with regional favourites, foods to look out for include Challans Duck,  Nantes Lamb's Lettuce, seafood from local catches at La Baule and Le Croisic, the famous tarte tatin and crêpes, and sweet wines including Muscadet. 

Must-see visits

Any must-see list should include Pronic, Saint Nazaire, Nantes, Trentemoult, The Gâvre forest, the medieval town of Guérande and its famous salt marshes, La Baule and Le Croisic. That's a lot to pack in!

Surf picto


There are lots of local providers for sport and equipment hire, including sailing, sand yachting, kite surfing and paddleboarding. You won't be stuck for activities in Loire Atlantique!

Outdoor activities

Guérandes et ses marais salants

Sand yachting

There is nothing like to the thrill of sand yachting as your sail catches wind and you glide along the beach, speeding past dunes and ocean. Saint-Brévin, Saint-Michel-Chef-Chef and La Fromentine are perfect beaches for sand yachting, and you'll find a number of qualified providers to hire out equipment and learn the skills required for this exciting sport. 

Les machines de l'île de Nantes

Brière Regional Natural Park

This protected area is worth a worth detour, to discover the marshes, ponds and rich fauna, which you can explore on foot or by bike. It is a great spot for bird watching, with more than 300 species in the park. Boating and kayaking are two of the best ways to navigate along its waterways, admiring the beautiful landscapes that make up this protected space. Its rich biodiversity makes it an ideal place to observe nature and experience its beauty.

Le château de Châteaubriant

Walks along the Loire Estuary

The Loire Estuary is an absolute delight for nature lovers and outdoor adventurers alike. With an abundance of wildlife, the estuary is a great place to spot rare birds and other species, and the museum, Terre d'Estuaire, provides a fascinating insight into the region's past. 

Don't miss this

  • Les Rigolettes nantaises

    Guérandes and the Salt Marshes

    The medieval city of Guerande is a must-see destination in the Loire Valley! Steeped in history and heritage, it provides visitors with a unique insight into life during the Middle Ages. The city walls and towers still standing today were first built by the Knights Templar to protect the salt marshes nearby. Today, these salt marshes are still a major source of income for the city; Guerande is famous for its fragrant, hand-harvested salt. The cobbled streets, half-timbered buildings, and stunning churches make Guerande an absolutely beautiful place to explore. Be sure to visit the 13th century Cathedral of Saint-Aubin, where you can admire the grand architecture and learn about its fascinating history.

  • Le petit beurre

    The Machines de l'île in Nantes

    The Machines de l'île in Nantes is a must-see attraction for anyone visiting this beautiful city. This unique and interactive experience allows visitors to explore an incredible world of giant machines that are powered by steam and water, creating an atmosphere unlike any other. Visitors can climb aboard the impressive Elephant and travel around the island - it's a sight to behold! Guests can also explore the Submarine, which takes them on a journey through an underwater world of mechanical creatures and plants. The Machines de l'île is full of amazing sights and experiences that will take your breath away. It's an unforgettable experience for all ages!

  • Les berlingots nantais

    Château Châteaubriant

    Château de Châteaubriant is a remarkable castle. Built in the 12th century, this Arthurian stronghold served as a residence for powerful French Dukes and Counts. The magnificent walls are adorned with turrets, gargoyles and crenellations, and surrounded by lush gardens. Inside, visitors can explore sumptuous salons adorned with antique furniture and other treasurers, as well as stunning art collections. Château de Châteaubriant also offers a variety of activities and events throughout the year, including concerts, theatrical performances, workshops and guided tours.

Fromage picto

Regional dishes

Le zoo de la Boissière

Les Rigolettes Nantaises

Le château de Clisson

Le Petit-Beurre

L'Océarium du Croisic

Les Berlingots Nantais

Le gâteau nantais

Le Gâteau Nantais

Le curé nantais

Le Curé Nantais

Muscadet (AOC)

Muscadet (AOC)

Unmissable excursions

Le zoo de la Boissière

La Boissière zoo and Planète Sauvage


For wildlife fans, the zoos of La Boissière or Planète Sauvage must visits. La Boissière zoo is home to a wide range of majestic animals and the park staff are incredibly welcoming and knowledgeable. Planète Sauvage is a safari park with more than 1,000 animals from 100 species roaming freely. 

Le château de Clisson

Château de Clisson

Built in the 13th century, Château de Clisson is a stunning historical monument located that has remained intact throughout the centuries, withstanding wars and natural disasters. Today, it stands as a grand reminder of medieval architecture, with its majestic towers and tall stone walls. Visitors to Château de Clisson can explore the ancient halls and corridors, take in the panoramic views of the countryside, or wander through its well-kept gardens. With its ancient architecture and breathtaking views, it’s no wonder why this castle has remained one of France’s top attractions for centuries.


L'Océarium du Croisic

Croisic Océarium

The Océarium is an aquatic museum and leisure park, located in the town of Croisic. The attraction has something to offer for all ages – from educational exhibitions on marine life to thrilling water rides, and a range of unique species like sharks, seals, turtles, rays and more! For those looking for a more immersive experience, the Océarium even offers diving and snorkeling trips. With its stunning coastal views, fascinating creatures and activities for everyone to enjoy – a visit to the Croisic Océarium is an unforgettable adventure!

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