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Dover ferry travel

As has been widely reported, there have been delays at the Dover ferry port and Eurotunnel. P&O are currently advising guests to carry additional snacks and water in case of delays as there are limited facilities available before the border checks. Once guests reach the border checks in Dover, the P&O check-in is free flowing and if you have missed your sailing due to traffic, they will get you on the first available ferry, regardless of your ticket type.

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Brittany Ferries operates longer crossings from Portsmouth, Poole or Plymouth. They say they have not experienced any serious delays at the UK ports or on roads to the ports. They expect this to continue throughout the summer holidays

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Gironde wildfires

The recent extreme heatwave caused wildfires in the Gironde, in south west France. All of Siblu's teams are saddened to see such a beautiful natural environment damaged in the fires at Landiras and La Teste de Buch, and we send our very best wishes to those campsites that have been impacted. The fires were localised and therefore did not threaten any Siblu holiday villages. Wind had carried smoke across the region, but this has now disappeared. We are looking forward to welcoming all our guests for a fantastic holiday in the south west.